Our Story begins in Nepal

Ecopals was born as a project of Nidisi, an NGO focusing on developmental aid in Nepal, in 2019.​ With this project, we tackled two problems simultaneously: the plastic waste epidemic and lack of safe asphalt road infrastructure. ​

Collaboration with Fraunhofer ICT

Thus we teamed up with the Fraunhofer ICT and the University of Kassel to research how we can use plastics for better and more sustainable roads. In order to scale the business model to its full potential, we founded our own independent company in 2021.​

Building a startup in a garage

Motivated by our successes at Fraunhofer ICT we established a startup in Germany and produced our first 10 tons of product in a small garage. Creating impact and enabling the road construction industry to find more sustainable solutions remains at the heart of our business.​ Jonas Varga & Maximilian Redwitz ecopals Co-Founders​

Our Approach

We make the waste industry the source of cutting-edge construction material. In doing so, we bring together green technologies, triple-win business models, and human beings.​

Our first product

Producing a polymer modification for asphalt based on recycled plastics is the first step in this direction. And the potential for further innovation in road construction is enormous. We explore it by connecting expertise from various fields and industries.​


We are proud to be among the winners of the 2022 Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Prize. To be awarded among such innovative people and their solutions out of 155 applications by a large and very knowledgeable jury really humbles us.​